Friday, October 7, 2011

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street
I work a few blocks from the Occupy Wall Street headquarters in the Financial District.  Yesterday I walked over while on my lunch break and spent some time in the park, observing.  It gave me a distinctly hopeful feeling, and I plan on returning tomorrow with Chris and Eliot.  I like to think that this will not be the last peaceful demonstration that Eliot will be a part of.  And I have to believe that what is happening there will help his future, and that of his generation.

On this note, Paul Krugman wrote a terrific op-ed today:

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

apple overload

it was an apple picking sort of weekend.  i had heard about the Stone Barns Harvest Festival, but procrastinated too long and missed the chance to buy tickets.  who knew so many people would want to escape nyc and eat amazing food and hear popular (though, admittedly, sort of annoying) kids music?
as a consolation prize, we packed up and drove to yorktown heights, ny.  as we headed north, the skies darkened and rain began as we got on the taconic parkway.  but all was not lost.
we found a lovely little diner in yorktown-- and promptly ordered chicken souvlaki sandwiches and greek salads.  greek food in a greek diner is always a good bet.  it was delicious, and eliot sampled some black olives and cucumber.  this boy will eat just about anything!
we picked some lovely apples at wilkens farm-- cortland, empire and macoun are in season and just happen to be my favorites.  those sly teenage apple slingers upsold us on the cute wooden basket for picking, which meant that we exited the farm with more than a half bushel of apples.  ridiculous amount for a family of three, especially as one member has exactly 5 teeth.
chris has made apple sauce, making successful use of our food mill for the first time.  i plan to make an apple crisp.  i've brought a few to work to share with colleagues and to daycare for eliot's teachers.  we're going to have start handing out apples on the street to lighten our load.
yay fall!

Is this thing on?

Thinking about inspiration lately-- and what moves and motivates me.  
visuals and ideas.
nostalgia in all forms.
making connections.
I want to corral all of this STUFF into one space-- this blog.  The name is inspired (see, starting already) by my favorite David Foster Wallace essay, A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again.  If you've read it, hopefully the name brings a chuckle.  
If you haven't read it, please do so immediately.  It's the closest I ever want to come to a cruise ship experience.  And I do so mourn that we won't ever be privy to DFW's brilliant and heartbreaking thoughts again.
Plus this: a wonderful commencement address from DFW in 2005: